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Do you think the Great Compromise, which resulted in two houses of Congress, is still a good idea today?

Congress for Kids: [Constitution]: The Great Compromise

The Great Compromise reached at the 1787 Constitutional Convention

This two-house legislature plan worked for all states and became known as the Great Compromise.
Kos Kids? Please. I’m a 63 year old grandmother, so watch your sassy mouth. Unless you believe justice is only for suckers and black males, there is no amnesty, no compromise.

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This is not a compromise, it is a sellout of our protections under the Constitution.
The compromise contained six proposals for constitutional amendments, and four proposals for Congressional resolution including the re-application of the north/south boundary from the Missouri Compromise, stated that the federal government could not interfere with slavery where it already existed and could not interfere with the recovery of slaves from any part of the Union.


The End of the Great Compromise - Law & Liberty

I can’t wait for the Supreme Court to strike this law down just like they did the MCA – Congress can “compromise” all it wants, but it doesn’t mean that all of their short-sighted electoral compromises are inherently Constitutional. This bill makes a travesty of our privacy (and due process) rights and I guarantee you that the Supreme Court will eventually strike it down.

Roger went to the Constitutional Convention to help devise what today'smain story was about,