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He has since documented 86 lymphomas among fellow soldiers.(105) A few months later the true extent of Gulf War damage was revealed.

Gulf War Syndrome and Illnesses

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Information about Gulf War Veterans' illnesses and related VA benefits and programs
Gulf War veterans with certain chronic disabilities resulting from illnesses that VA could not diagnose that appeared during active duty in the Gulf War or within a specified time period after Gulf War service, which led to a degree disability of 10% or more.

Gulf War Syndrome, Other Illnesses Among Veterans …

troops [in the Persian Gulf War] were intentionally exposed to investigational drugs and vaccines...
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of the anthrax vaccine in the military,
and Gulf War Illness, may be found in the book


Brain Scans Show Physical Evidence of Gulf War Syndrome

This veteran came to our office with a total service connection at only 10%. Based on only appeals, this Army combat Veteran, who served honorably during the Gulf War Era (OIF/OEF) in Iraq and Afghanistan, was granted 100% effective 2011 for PTSD, low back, and left knee in 2015.

Since their return from the war in the Persian Gulf, many veterans have complained of a variety of health problems including reports of an increased number of birth defects and other reproductive problems.

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This included a doctor's comment claiming that the Persian Gulf War 'wasn't a real war' and a patient's complaint that a doctor told her that she was fine, after using a stethoscope that he had forgotten to put in his ears."(116) Here are a few selected comments from the survey: On Medical Records: "Seven months of medical records are missing."
"Asked for my medical record and was told all had been disposed of."
"Medical record is lost forever."
"20 years of medical records are now mysteriously gone."
"All our medical records were destroyed."
"Doctors refused to put vaccinations in my medical record."
"Was told my leave would be held up if I wanted copies of my medical record."
"My medical record says my illness is not related to Agent Orange.

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Kessler agreed that since there was 'no available satisfactory alternative therapy' for protection...he would 'concur with your assessment that informed consent is not feasible.' "Since the end of the Persian Gulf War, DoD has repeatedly requested that the waiver of informed consent be made permanent, arguing that 'to not finalize it provides an arguable defect under the Administrative Procedures Act and leaves both DoD and FDA open to greater liability.' To finalize the interim rule would grant unrestricted use of investigational drugs by military personnel, even when efficacy and safety have not been established."(115) "In the early months of 1994, staff of the Senate Committee on Veterans' Affairs interviewed 146 Persian Gulf War veterans...

Gulf War Syndrome and Military Vaccines ..

For VA benefit purposes under 38 CFR 3.317, Gulf War service is active military duty in any of the following areas in the Southwest Asia theater of military operations at any time August 2, 1990 to present. This includes Veterans who served in Operation Iraqi Freedom (2003-2010) and Operation New Dawn (2010-2011).

Gulf War Syndrome is affecting numerous vets

It was a big argument."
"They made me sign something, but the form was folded so I couldn't read what I signed."
"We were ordered to sign the consent form."
"I could refuse the shot if I wanted court martial."
"I tried to refuse anthrax; was threatened with Leavenworth." On the VA Hospital System and Doctors: "Military doctors are harassing me because I'm sick."
"VA doctors don't want to know what is making you sick."
"VA is minimizing our illnesses."
"Navy doctors told my wife to terminate her pregnancy." On Illnesses: "Lots of men in the unit have swollen testicles."
"Sometimes I forget to feed my son."
"I got lost while going to get my children from school."
"I don't have a spleen and wonder if I should have taken those drugs and vaccines."(117) Reproductive Dysfunction: Additional evidence regarding the potential damage inflicted on Gulf War personnel -- and insight into the magnitude of the problem -- continues to accrue.