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In the play ,it becomes known early on that the female characters have a knowledge ofthe domestic spaces in the home that the men lack.

The kitchen is the centre of the play wherethe women dominate.

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An image of confinement is also projected throughthe setting of the play.
“Down in a hollow and you don’t see the road” (42), Mrs. Wright’s kitchen is in a house that is literally unseen by passersby. In this setting that is generally invisible, a crime has been committed which no one sees or hears save possibly the suspect who pleads ignorance and is not present in the play. The case that will be tried in court will have no female jury because the time of the play is when women cannot be such a part of the legal system, nor can they vote or be a part of the political system. The setting then, is a time and place where Mrs. Wright’s case effectively cannot be seen or heard.

there is a hidden message within the play

"And now, dearest, we will sum up the which we are to remember," said Arthur, playfully, as the lateness of the hour reminded them that the evening had passed unheeded away. "I am to think more of , and you are . . . "


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Analysis of the Setting in Trifles

She says she is lying like the dead "Ophelia in theplay, with 'virgin crants and maiden strewments.'" This leads the readerto think of Lucy as already dead, prior to her true death.

Fences is often thought of as a father-son play

Shelley uses this historicalwonder of literature to further advance her plot by aligning her text toMilton's with the portrayal of Victor's creation being molded to displaya form of remarkable power.

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The play speaks directly of the tensions withinblack society surrounding the choice of assimilate into the dominant whiteculture, maintaining one's African roots or finding an uneasy balance betweenthe two.

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This play involves many different spatial references, but with specificthought to the Younger family's physical occupation of space, both as aplay on stage and the political circumstances in which the play was written,give a brief justification for the Chicago review describing as "A play rooted in its own time that speaks throughthe years to our own."

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