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It had to be the most awkward prison-break scenario in the history of the universe. But it really did happen.

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In 1917 America became a dry nation

The role of Organized Crime in the history of the United States of America.
Among those who’d voted against it, there were many motivations — some far sillier than others, but all of them pretty goofy in the light of history.

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The Frazier History Museum is located in Louisville, Kentucky on Main Street's historic Museum Row and houses more than 1,000 years of history.
Another very popular way to get booze in the Beaver State was by distilling it. Portland itself had some vast expanses of forested areas right inside city limits — notably the patch of unbuildable vacant land that now comprises — and once one got over the Cascade Mountains into Eastern Oregon, there were all kinds of opportunities to be alone with a giant vat of pulped-up pears and some yeast. While the Appalachians have an enduring reputation as a bootlegger’s paradise, the region had absolutely nothing on the state of Oregon. (Here's a link to the Offbeat Oregon )


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A brief history of how marijuana became illegal in the United States. A tale of racism, greed, and politics.
Marsh didn’t seem to have much of a problem with flouting the laws of prohibition in general. What drove him to finally quit the department was the unfairness he saw. While the well connected, wealthy outfits downtown could pony up protection money and operate with impunity, private citizens were getting sent up the river. The one that finally did it for him was an Italian widow caught with a small keg of homemade wine that she’d made from her own grapes, Old Country-style. When she was vigorously prosecuted for it, he decided he was done.

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There are hundreds of dry (prohibition) counties across the country, and millions of Americans still live under Puritan-era Blue laws restricting the purchase of alcohol on the second-busiest shopping day of the week (Sunday).

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Today marks the anniversary of the in the United States, brought about on this date in 1933 with the passage of the 21st Amendment. As such, it was the end of an era for all of the groups who had taken up the cause of national prohibition of alcohol and lobbied for it to be written into law (via the 18th amendment).

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One of the most active of these groups, the Anti-Saloon League, was so important in the history of Westerville, Ohio, that it attached to the , where I work.

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So what’s the teen tie-in to this topic? Local History Coordinator Beth Weinhardt confirmed that The American Issue Printing Company (the League’s publishing arm) likely employed many teens as it became nationally known for its sheer output of leaflets — over 40 tons of mail per month.

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The primary effect of early Prohibition in Oregon seems to have been to enable Oregon bootleggers to get some practice in before the federal government got involved and consequences became serious.

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Special thanks to Beth Weinhardt for the historical images, many of which came from the book . Want to see more? Take a virtual tour of the Anti-Saloon League Museum !