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However, crime scene processing is also an area that needs improvement due to some errors that come from this tedious process.

Repetition is a good thing for the crime scene investigator.

Crime Scene Investigation: Can maths tell what happened?

Fingerprints play an extremely important role in crime scene investigations.
Furthermore, systematic crime scene investigation is based not only on the principles of the Locard Transfer Theory2, but also the Linkage Principle3 [] as shown in .

Role and Importance of Forensic Expert in Crime Investigation

That means that the investigation of the crime scene is systematic, methodical and logical.
It is important to keep in mind that there is no single classification method that will satisfy all the elements of the crime scene and its investigation.


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If you can control the primary crime scene, you can control the investigation.
The investigation continues and the investigators on the case must be sure to document everything that is discovered or carried out; if details are not recorded correctly errors can be made and important facts missed.

Once DNA is collected, there is a protocol for how the evidence is handled and used in an investigation. The evidence will be provided to law enforcement who may send it to a crime lab. The lab will analyze the material and develop DNA profiles that are unique to a specific person. The lab works with law enforcement officials to compare these profiles to the DNA of potential suspects. If the perpetrator is unknown, they may compare the DNA profile against a large database run by the FBI called CODIS, the Combined DNA Index System. This way, they can identify suspects that the victim doesn’t know or isn’t familiar with.

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Fingerprints have been studied for uniqueness, identification and criminal importance for more than one hundred years. The significance of fingerprints and the criminal justice system can’t be undervalued; they can implicate the guilty by linking a criminal to the victim and the scene of the crime and exonerate the innocent. Through technology and expertly trained fingerprint examiners, the fingerprint can be the single most important piece of evidence for solving a crime.


Fingerprints became an important identification of criminals in a criminal investigation when a book written by from England titled “Fingerprints” was published in 1892. It has been discovered that the earliest known fingerprints were used by the Chinese in the 700s for identification purposes to establish identity of documents on clay tablets.

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Fingerprints are considered to be an infallible means of identification. No two fingerprints are exactly alike. However, since fingerprints are extremely valuable, they are also an extremely fragile pieces of evidence. In crime scene evidence recovery, it is essential that fingerprints be located, processed, and recovered first.


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