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It was an important invention that opened new vistas for advanced developments in the field of aviation.

Articles relating to the Wright Brothers’ invention of the airplane.

A history of the Wright brothers First Airplane Flight in 1903.

An excellent article that discusses the invention of the water-powered loom
Lilienthal brought a much-needed respectability to the enterprise of inventing an airplane. Up to that point, efforts to invent airplanes were considered to be the province of crackpots and wild-eyed dreamers. But when a hard-headed German engineer entered the game, other respectable people were soon to follow.

Ask History: Who Really Invented the Airplane

They used to study the experiments and research taking place in the field of airplane development.
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Wright brothers took up the study of flight and airplanes seriously after this tragic incident.
Because the invention was way ahead of its time, it was heartily denigrated bypoliticians... He now becomes much more oriented towards making certainthere is a strong public demand and associated market for anything he tries to invent.

They also used the concept of inclined planes in their first airplane.
Invented the Fluoroscope...realizing the necessity and value of a practical fluorescent screen for making examinations withX-rays, he made thousands of crystallizations of single and double chemical salts and finally discovered that crystals of Calcium Tungstate made in a particular way were highly fluorescent to theX-ray.

Their invention of the airplane astounded everyone

This incredible journey of airplane development pays a tribute to the great Confucius who rightly said, "A journey of a thousand miles, begins with a single step."

First Flight: The Wright Brothers and the Invention of …

Significantly, this invention not only led to the development of the microphone, whichmade early radio possible, but the solid state "diode" or transistor which makesso many of today's electronic devices possible.

First Flight: The Wright Brothers and the Invention of the Airplane

Also invented paraffin paper (which was first used for wrapping candies), the electric pen, the forerunner of the present day mimeograph machine, the carbon rheostat, the microtasimeter, etc.

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Here it is apparent there is a real mystery in the invention of theairplane: How did the Wrights begin at the top of the field and makesustained progress when their contemporaries could not? Unlikemystery novels, there is no simple answer to the mystery, but theanswer is fascinating and instructive nonetheless.

NASA - Who Invented the Aeroplane?

Although he never successfully appliedthis concept to any of his own inventions, it clearly anticipated the later development of vacuum tubes and transistors.