• Telemakhos became a man his father would be proud of.
  • The journey of telemachuss ma - …
  • At the outset of Telemachus' journey, ..

After the goddess Athena intervenes, he becomes, seemingly, a man of courage, strength, and resolve.

We first learn of many of these traits in Homer's Iliad.

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However, he is certainly as brave as any of the heroes, if not braver.
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Both of these actions are very brave ones for this young man, so brave that the suitors get worried, and plot his death.The odyssey of Telemachus to find news of his father is the third brave action of the young man.

the happiness of Penelope and the young manhood of Telemachus.

One parallel was the quest of Telemachos, in correlation with the journey of his father.
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A III By now the anaphorae of 'and then I saw X and Y' begins to sound like a sighing refrain of lament, especially when we meet the third pair, Epicaste and Chloris. The kind of erotic delusion experienced by Tyro -- suffused with sensuous beauty -- now gives way to the fully tragic (in the later dramatic sense), signalled by the appearance of the Erinyes who visit Epicaste. Her story begins with a significant variation in the anaphora: 'the mother of Oedipus I saw, beautiful Epicaste' (11.271). Every other heroine is introduced by her name, Epicaste only by the biological relationship that she violated: 'she who committed a monstrosity ( ) through the unseeing blindness of her mind' ( (11.272). The Furies cap the suicide:


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Yet some Grecian heroes seemed to ooze hubris in the form of confidence or cockiness....
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Closure is silence, and perhaps a loss of self. The closure Odysseus wanted to give to his night of storytelling -- the catalogue of heroines -- has a lot to tell us about his process of self- presentation that causes the Phaeacians to find him worthy to be sent home out of Scheria. (3)

The students keep a journals and can use these as references to mark signs of change.
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When the not-so-glorious Odysseus, son of Laertes just manages to elude the cannibalistic clutches of the blinded Kyklops (IX) and takes to the high seas, he becomes arrogant and taunts his nemesis.

Telemachus’ excapade was a physical journey ..

As all goddesses are pictured, she has a thin figure (not skinny), great brown curling hair which flows from the head gently down to her slender waist, perfect toned peach (in Greek and Roman myths) skin, and, of course, the big blue shiny eyes which can mesmorize any mortal at first sight....

(growing into manhood), and its of a long duration

There are many settings within the Odyssey that contain both positive and negative connotations of hospitality, and it is important to explore both sides and see how they relate to each other.

and in his absence of nearly twenty years he grew up to manhood

She is romantic, sensitive and caring; however, underneath she is convoluted, deceptive and dangerous.'; -Erin Perrizn (1963 -) One would automatically assume that the female character in a heroic story takes the preconceived role of an object at the disposal of the male protagonist.

When Telemachus reached manhood, ..

21. Martin, The Language of Heroes, p. 12, argues that the word focuses on the message and its effects on the addressee, whereas focuses on the performance.

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12. Sovereignty (Dumezil's first function) struggles with fertility and production (his second). For instance, Romulus kills Remus (originally *Yem-) whose name probably means twin and is perhaps cognate with other Indo-European words for twin, cf. J. Puhvel, 'Remus et frater,' History of Religions 15 (1975), pp. 146–57. In Vedic, Manu (man) kills Yama (twin) and establishes the known world. Cf. Avestan Yima, the Norse Ymir, and the Mannus (man) and Tuisto (twin) of Tacitus.