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Changing his life, and the universe forever, James Kirk takes Pike up on the challenge and graduates Starfleet, although on rocky grounds because of a little incident now known in Trek lore as the Kobayashi maneuver, setting the stage for his introduction to the friends he will have for the rest of his life.

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Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
There is much to be said of Gene Roddenberry’s original concept about our social and moral structures in the real world. These days, perhaps even more than in the turbulent 60’s when Star Trek was first a glimmer in Gene’s mind, we need a grounded source as an example for moral and character building representations from show business. So many young people, today, more than any other time in the past, because information and entertainment is so prevalent along with our dependence on technologies such as cell phones, blueberries, iPods and computers, use entertainment and those figures who entertain them, as role models. Keeping that view, STAR TREK XI is a glimmer of hope on the summer blockbuster scene. No other films out to date this summer convey the positive aspects of honor, sacrifice, , integrity and the concept that is a poison, that ultimate corruption corrupts ultimately, as straightforwardly as STAR TREK XI.


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That one unchanged aspect of Star Trek has always been the beacon that keeps it alive in the hearts and minds of its followers. . A hope that in the world of our future, even in the face of adversity, bigotry, and political injustice, there will be a final resting place for integrity, compassion, and true . That hope will keep us alive and our universe, no matter how far it may extend, to thrive.

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Chloë Grace Moretz is a celebrity actress who made her acting debut at just 7 years of age. A year later she landed an important role in the remake of The Amityville Horror and this would launch her career into stardom. She has appeared in a number of movies and . . .

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From the dazzling opening battle that takes place in a cosmic lightning storm, the day James T. Kirk is born as his father George Kirk () sacrifices his life and his ship, The USS Kelvin, to save not only infant James and his mother, but 800 lives, to the closing finale with The USS Enterprise and it’s new young crew blasting off into parts of space unknown, this movie is a thrill a second ride. Not a foot of film is wasted on monotony, although the script borrows well known ideas from the original stories, this Star Trek (say it with me, folks: “Space Opera”) picks them up, polishes them off and sets them out on a new silver platter for us to enjoy. From die hard fans to newbies entering the Star Trek universe for the first time, this eleventh installment has got something for all to experience and relish.

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have a friend who is the ultimate Star Trek freak… a tried and true Trekker who dismisses this new movie as not in the true cannon and will never go see it. I say, his loss, for the second time around is sweeter, as Sinatra croons, like a friendly home the second time you call… through your communicator.

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No Star Trek film would be complete without the introduction of a new and sinister villain, and the character of Nero (), a demented Romulan leader with a score to settle with The Federation, is a guy you wouldn’t want to come up against in the dark black holes of outer space. He is the epitome of vicious degraded revenge, with a ship sporting technology which carries the ability to destroy not just starships, but whole worlds and all life on them.

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Some action sequences are extremely realistic and could prove disturbing to very young viewers, so my advice is for parents to consider this, along with the information as to language and adult situations depicted in STAR TREK XI, before taking any child younger than the rating cautions.