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25/02/2018 · Self tanning products are designed for people who want to darken the color of their skin without risking the negative health effects of UV exposure.

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Those things will surely help you avoid the negative effects of spray tanning.
For the mothers out there whose teen daughters are asking to use tanning beds, please show them this article; if that doesn’t help, point out all of the young celebrities who embrace their pale skin and wouldn’t dream of tanning!

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Forget natural sunlight and indoor tanning beds—sprays and lotions are the new tan of choice
Back in the old, old days, smoke was often used to cure leather as were vegetable tannins, salt, urine and animal faeces or animal brains – it was a rather smelly and messy affair, so most tanneries were situated outside towns.


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Even if these machines could "infuse" ingredients deeper into your skin, what happens if those ingredients go right past where they can do your skin the most good? Plus, there’s the potential risk of getting unwanted ingredients (like preservatives or problematic plant extracts) deeper into the skin, where their negative effects may be worse. Even beneficial ingredients like vitamin C or retinol might be more sensitizing if they are "pushed" deeper into the skin, rather than being allowed to penetrate the uppermost layers on their own.

You may have thought that spray tanning is the safest and the most effective way in terms of getting the bronze glow, but you have thought wrong. The dangers of spray tanning have not been well known for everybody. When you are planning to head out in the blinding light of the sun for one day, you have to follow the recommendations given by the United States Food and Drug Administration. It has issued a lot of warnings and tips that will help you achieve that bronze glow safely. Those things will surely help you avoid the negative effects of spray tanning.

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The side effects have not been fully investigated, and the British Medical Journal drew attention to the fact that patients who had used melanotan I and II, showed rapid changes in the appearance of pre-existing melanocytic naevi (moles).

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4. Eye Irritation As the main ingredient, DHA, is atomized in the form of very tiny particles, you are likely to irritate your eyes with it as soon you start the process inside the tanning booth. Even though the operators in the spray tanning booth instruct you to close your eyes as the process takes place, there will still be some tiny particles that can get into your eyes. This will cause redness, itching and pain. In order to avoid this problem, you may use tanning goggles.

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If you’re using or thinking of using a tanning bed, we strongly urge you to reconsider. You may not see the damage now, but you will eventually—and it isn’t pretty!

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Without question, there is no such thing as a safe tan from the sun or tanning beds. ALL tanning other than from a self-tanner is a problem. Whether you tan a little or a lot, skin turning any shade that is darker than your natural skin color is hazardous to your health and for all intents and purposes is virtually identical to the carcinogenic effect of smoking a cigarette. Over time, the damage is certain and will be staring you right in your face.

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Tanning beds radiate only inches away from your body. Even more distressing is that most people who go to tanning salons do so repeatedly and expose parts of their bodies that would normally not see the sun. Tanning beds are a surefire way to put your skin on the fast track to wrinkles, discolorations, and yes, even skin cancer—facts any dermatologist will tell you because they see the dark side of tanning bed use every day.