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Butmost importantly, Beloved gave Sethe another chance.

treatment of slaves in the novel “Beloved” by Toni Morrison

Beloved is Toni Morrison's fifth novel

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While writing about black female slaves and how they were the most oppressed of the most oppressed, Toni Morrison, herself as a female black writer, has a very bias view, as seen by many others.

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Beloved lends a gateway to understanding the trials and tribulations of the modern African American.
Sewn in like that, she was barely moving when her husband came home. Runno was used to that. He just saw what he always saw, the snapshot his mind provided as he dashed past her. His visual shorthand said she was reading on the sofa. He went about his usual post-work bustle, thinking that Tacetta was fine. Too bad, by the time he noticed, it was too late. Way too late--beware Beloved, the book that lives. It had her good by the time Runno actually saw her, or what was left of her. He almost ran at the horror, but then he heard Tacetta’s little girl voice, the one she couldn’t control when she was excited. He had to listen.


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"Don’t worry, I’m fine. In fact, its great! Whoa! This is incredible. See, its so powerful. First my skin flew off--its over there behind the piano–then, this warm black liquidy stuff surrounded me, except for my eyes." The monster didn’t move. Runno saw her white eyeballs, no more blue in them, sewn to the outer edges of a book.

"Its Beloved, by Toni Morrison. Man, I can’t believe this! This is the Beethoven’s 9th of literature! I feel like she’s inside my head. I mean it feels like the way my mind is or something." Her voice was helping him calm down. It was still Tacetta, his lovely wife, , but He avoided looking toward the piano. The thought of her skin lying in a heap over there made a half groan half croak sound come out of his mouth. He felt his mental armor clang over himself. His breastbones hardened.

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What happened during the days Beloved was at 124 and what happened
before she disappeared were turning points in the battle for Sethe to gain her

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Morrison came across the story of Margaret Garner in The Black Book while working as an editor at Random House. Morrison states that she did not do any additional research on Garner while writing the novel. She didn’t want the book to be a biographical study of one woman, or a novel about slavery, per se, but rather a story about human interactions and the ways that people reacted to, survived, and lived in the wake of the horrible conditions of slavery. These motivations and their fruition were recently recognized by the New York Times Book Review, which identified Beloved as the best piece of American fiction written in the last quarter century. In describing the grounds for their top choices, the conductors of the survey commented,

In her novel, Beloved, Toni Morrison conveys ..

Issues of power and powerlessness, choice and accountability; ownership of property, self, and others; individual action vs. communal action—all these are raised in Beloved.

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"I love this," she continued, "my skin gets blown up from the pages flipping and flying. Then, guess what? It goes to school for me! Huh-hu-ha!,"she laughed "Its a skin balloon!" Tacetta said the last three words so loudly, Runno could feel her breath in his ear. His chest went to ice as he turned his head toward the breath. There she was, Tacitta, all soft and peachy, and human! And eyeless. Runno’s eyes stared straight into two white sockets that looked like two sideways white almonds. Oh my God! He wanted to weep or scream or pound this nightmare to bits. He clenched his fists hard enough to get the short fingernails to scrape his palms. Oh it was real alright. Beware Beloved, the book that lives.