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Elm Creek Park Reserve | Three Rivers Park District

At 4,900 acres, Elm Creek Park Reserve is the largest park in Three Rivers
At Vobster quarry, west of Mells one of these old flooded quarries has been put to good use as an inland
is a small village in the Wadbury Valley through which flows the Mells River, and the area is criss-crossed by the routes of the , the (Weston Super Mare to Frome) as well as the Colliers Way.

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The campground is situated in the east end of Hico City Park, which straddles the Bosque River and spreads across 50 acres. The park includes 3 covered pavilions (available by reservation), picnic areas, a restroom/shower facility, a volleyball court, 2 playgrounds and a horseshoe area. Over a mile of paved hike and bike trails extends along the tree-lined, north bank of the river, circling around 2 baseball/softball fields, 1 T-ball/youth field, a large soccer field, a concession stand and an aquatic spray park. The City recently purchased some additional river-front property and is pursuing grant funding to double the size of the trail network. The park is open to the public year round and is the site of the annual Old Settlers' Reunion (3rd week in July) and the Hico Livestock Show (2nd or 3rd week in September).


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On 18 April, 1943, four teenage boys from nearby Stourbridge, Robert Hart, Thomas Willetts, Bob Farmer and Fred Payne, were in the woods poaching. They came upon an old hollow elm tree (which has been mistakenly called a wych-elm down the years) and decided it would be an ideal place to search for birds’ nests. Bob Farmer attempted to clamber up into the tree, but as he glanced down inside the hollow trunk he suddenly saw the empty eye-sockets of a whitened skull, staring up at him from among the twisted branches.

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Above: Dining under the pavilion at Old Lock One Park.

The Alabama Scenic River Trail had never had a paddle on the Tombigbee, and didn’t plan on one this year until the US Army Corps of Engineers’ budget cuts forced us away from our customary event on the Alabama River near Isaac Creek. We wanted to stay in the area, and that meant the lower Tombigbee and the beautiful, remote Corps campgrounds that stayed open this year.

Above: Tent camping area at Old Lock One Park on the Tombigbee

Use the US Army Corps of Engineers Old Lock One Park as a base of operations. Of the Corps’ primitive (and free) campgrounds, this one is on the high end with its concrete bath house (no showers) and lighted pavilion. Old Lock One Park is located in an ancient and hauntingly beautiful pecan grove. It is the site of the first lock on the Tombigbee River. The stretch of the river it is located on has long been cut off on the short side of its loop by a “new” channel, rendering the old lock useless for barge and boat traffic on the now-dead arm of the river. But it certainly is an enjoyable campground. Yoou can often watch swallowtail kites, Mississippi kites, bald eagles and many others.

Above: Paddling the clear waters of Choctaw National Wildife Reserve

About 45 minutes northwest of Old Lock One Park is Lenoir Landing, another obscure Corps park that is the gateway to the backwaters of the Tombigbee in the Choctaw National Wildlife Reserve. Here is a labyrinth of sloughs and inlets that truly form an American jungle of bright green palmetto, water oak, pumpkin-colored cypress and scarlet maples and sumac. Savored the clear water and quiet corners while terns dived into the water and anhinga dry their wings after the underwater fishing expeditions that these birds are known for. The nearby woods are so alive with the different languages of the bird world, all talking and exclaiming at once, that it seemed that we might have been on another planet.

Above: The beautiful bluffs below St Stephens, Alabama's capital in its territorial days before statehood

Paddle out of Old Lock One Park to the left (the only way you can go from this dead arm of the Tombigbee) to reach the Tombigbee main channel in about a quarter mile. Take a left to head downstream. In a mile and a half you are beneath the bluffs of St Stephens,where millions of fossils wait in rich seams right by the water (provided, of course, the water is near a normal level). Fossils about in the rocks at the only landing in the vicinity.

Above: Beached for a break below St Stephens

Above: Easy candidates for the top fun spot.

Above: We hunted for fossils until way after dark on the hauntingly beautiful and starlit Tombigbee at Moscow Landing, the best place on earth to view the cretacious-teriary boundary (Google it!).