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Some Iraqis have complained of delays by central authorities in launching reconstruction efforts.

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Kuwait will host an international summit in February on the reconstruction of war-torn Iraq.
Here’s the bottom line: a nation spends its resources on what’s important to it. Failed reconstruction elsewhere turns out to be more important to us than successful reconstruction here at home. Such is the American way of empire.

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"The stability of Iraq is the stability of Kuwait and the region," Mr Al Jarallah said.
The invasion of Iraq started on the eve of March 19, 2003. ‘The coalition of the willing’ – mainly U.S. and British soldiers – engaged in a short yet bloody confrontation with the Iraqi military. What followed was a swift journey to Baghdad, once again turning Highway 80 into the 1991 ‘Highway of Death’. At that time, there was ample room for hope, best remembered by the many images of coalition forces joining the crowds to pull down Saddam’s many statues.


Reconstruction definition, an act of reconstructing. See more.

Iraq’s army has said it expects to expel Islamic State from the rest of the city by May.
It is clear that NATO no longer possesses a big stick, it’s heydays are long gone as most members are unwilling or only capable of symbolic participation. The Iraq War restored the rightful role of the UN Security Council in international politics. Although this intergovernmental institution is imperfect, it is the only legitimate way of handling world problems.

Iraq’s army has said it expects to expel Islamic State from the rest of the city by May.
Since the time former US President Barack Obama allowed Iran to take control of Iraq easily, Tehran was supported by the notorious Iraqi premier Nuri al-Maliki. The Maliki government enabled its clients to seize control of the main instruments of power in Iraq, allowed it to become illegally rich with the help of the thief Nuri al-Maliki, so that they can buy loyalties with money, and form pro-Vilayat-e-Faqih militias in Tehran.

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Therefore, former Iraqi prime minister followed orders of the Vilayat-e-Faqih in Tehran and was keen on appointing corrupt people in all the wings of governance; the legislature, the executive and the judiciary. This man was one of the most important reasons for Iraq’s ranking among the five most corrupt countries in the world, according to Transparency International.

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In my opinion, the two most important obstacles impeding the reconstruction of Iraq are financial and administrative corruption, and the Iranian regime will not be pleased to see Iraq recover or become stable and independent.

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Iranians, along with Islamist political parties created by Iran, stand firmly against anyone trying to liberate Iraq from its occupation, because the religious parties do not believe in the sovereignty of countries.

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I think that the first step to reconstruct Iraq and attract investors to rebuild the country is almost impossible, given Iran’s influence over Iraq. I do not think an investor would put money in this part of the world, which has a corrupt parliament, judiciary and the influence of Iran’s Islamist militias.

Iraq is located in the Middle East, between Iran and Saudi Arabia

There are good opportunities to invest in Iraq, but as long as there is Iranian influence over the ruling authorities there, any investment would go down the drain. So I would honestly advise my neighboring country Iraq that it is futile to ask a foreign investor to come and invest in the country as long as there is corruption and until Iran continues to plant corrupt officials in your country.