• The trials caused hysteria in Salem Village.
  • The Salem witch trials outbreak began in 1692.
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The Salem Witch Trials is about hearings and prosecutions of people who were accused of witchcraft.

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Power in Salem grew in 1962 at the start of the Salem Witch trials.

I believe that the Salem witch trials were less a religious persecution than economical.
Because of social, economic, religious, and physical problems within the community, Salem Village was present with prejudice and panic causing the Salem Witch Trials....

This era of history is known as the Salem Witch Trials.

One large blemish in our history, the Salem Witch Trials, alienated a certain group in our society.
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Today these witch trials are known as the Salem Witch Trials.

The play is a study in the mass hysteria which led to the 1692 Salem witchcraft trials.
In her interesting book, , historian Mary Beth Norton argues that the large number of accusations against Burroughs, and his linkage to the frontier war, is the key to understanding the Salem trials. Norton contends that the enthusiasm of the Salem court in prosecuting the witchcraft cases owed in no small measure to the judges' desire to shift the "blame for their own inadequate defense of the frontier." Many of the judges, Norton points out, played lead roles in a war effort that had been markedly unsuccessful.

In the spring of 1692, witchcraft hysteria swept the entire town of Salem, Massachusetts.
The idea of the devil controlling a woman and forming her into a Witch was originated from people’s lack of awareness on illness, disease or simple hysteria....

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The residents of the village of Salem have what they believe is definitive and irrefutable proof that someone is bewitching these children and perhaps even the town itself.

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Weisman, Richard. Witchcraft, Magic, and Religion in 17th-Century Massachusetts (The University of Massachusetts Press, ). Includes a chapter on “The Crime of Witchcraft in Massachusetts Bay Historical Background and Pattern of Prosecution.” Appendixes includes lists of legal actions against witchcraft prior to the Salem prosecutions, Massachusetts Bay witchcraft defamation suits, persons accused of witchcraft in Salem, confessors, allegations of ordinary witchcrafts by case, afflicted persons.

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Arthur Miller’s classic novel, The Crucible takes place in Salem, Massachusetts, where a lot of times fear would be used to control anyone to blame another of witchcraft....

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Both the McCarthy Era and the Salem Witch Trials display the danger of collective hysteria, the speed of rumors, and the inability of accusers to stop the accusations once they have started....