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Since both the scarlet letter and her daughter are marks of her sin, Hester is doomed to live with the memory of her crime.

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Thus, the limit as the scarlet letter approaches future generations is ‡.
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In fact, this inheritance may be viewed as a reward for the courage she displayed as a young child.Why must we then continue insisting that the scarlet letter strictly stands for a word starting with the letter 'A'?

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They agree and in triumph, Hester unpins her scarlet letter and casts it aside.
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It seems that the basic way to explain emotion comes from the cultural situation a society finds itself in. Within the world of The Scarlet Letter, Hester Prynn found herself in a Puritan society, who's reading of emotion and psychological states is very far removed from the understanding we have today.


Her first awareness as a child is Hester’s scarlet letter, ..

As punishment, she is isolated from the community and is forced to wear the scarlet letter A to signify her sinful act.
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By having students think about when they "believe" these statements and when they "doubt" them, and asking them to provide textual evidence for both positions, students would come to appreciate the way The Scarlet Letter resists binary distinctions.

The strict Puritan society of The Scarlet Letter is, quite possibly, one of the furthest things from the natural origins of life on earth.
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But a speaker of SAE could still say something like "He is running, and I know this for a fact." It situates the speaker in the realm of knowledge that the running occurred (although it does not avoid a use of tense.) However, the point is that when a speaker of SAE describes a scene, that speaker's source of knowledge is not important unless an outside factor causes the speaker to point out validity, for example, if someone does not believe the speaker is telling the truth. Whorf's theory can be applied to the Scarlet Letter.

he would not ask for Chillingworth’s ..

This is proved wrong about Hester and Dimmesdale, because they were removed from the preached cultural essence of Puritanism.The world of The Scarlet Letter helps further illustrate the argument that the culture of a particular set of people can shape the way in which they understand the world around them, including the emotions and psyche's of other human beings around them.

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She could read the shame within those around her and began to see that she wore the scarlet letter to pay penance for all the sins her fellow men had committed.

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Hawthorne manipulates signs and words to perform many functions at once. The theories of Benjamin Lee Whorf and Ferdinand de Saussure can be used to try to explain just what it is about the words that Nathaniel Hawthorne uses in the Scarlet Letter in order to make them so enchanting.

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The Scarlet Letter serve's as a great case study for another instance of a culture that regulated and shaped emotional understanding of its citizens, as they used this understanding as a power to maintain status-quo within Puritan society.

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It does not know what myriad possibilities a scarlet letter "A" could stand for; nor is it aware of the oddities of an equally scarlet-clad child in a Puritan settlement.