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  • HIDDEN FIGURES Tells the True Story of the Women of ..
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The most powerful woman in the roman society was either the wife of a principate or the mother of one.

The Significance of Women in the Imperial Family …

the courageous true story of three generations of Chinese women and …

Marie Grace Brown is Assistant Professor of History at the University of Kansas.
This incident is one of the reasons I flipped my side. It convinced me Japanese government was not involved.
There is more story than what this brainwashing news media, The Japan Times, is telling us regarding this matter.
That is, during the war, higher ranked Japanese officer, who visited the area, realized the situation and shutdown the facility. This was BEFORE the war end. Thus, it made me aware forcing women to prostitute was neither Japanese government nor military policy.
In fact, Japanese government was trying to prevent it from happening. Multiple physical evidences, along with this incident, gave me reasons to believe
that was the case.
As hideous as it is, which I agree, the soldiers that do not follow the rule, so called bad apples, always exist in military. Americans have learned, during the Iraq war. However, that does not mean Japanese government or US government, for that matter, was involved.

The Untold Story Of Women In China Who Took A …

Title: Portraits of Livia : imaging the imperial woman in Augustan Rome / Elizabeth Bartman.
Anne C. (Herndon, VA)

A Contrast between Two Wives
The author describes the courses of two marriages, one in old Imperial Russia, and one in modern day New York City. I found the story of modern day Tanya, the art expert who must balance the demands of her wealthy clients with the sorrow of seeing her marriage fall apart, to be especially interesting. She has worked so hard to achieve a high position in her field, but finds that her husband's love is becoming a casualty of that success.

The other wife is the very young Princess Sophia in the early 1700's, who will marry into the royal family of Russia and become Catherine the Great. She has to become a very strong personality to survive the intrigues of the court and a loveless marriage to the heir to the throne.

I think either of the narratives could have been a novel in itself, but the contrast between two main characters and two periods of time has been a popular fiction type for a while, and this book is an excellent example of that technique. It would be a good choice for a book club to read and discuss.


Jul 26, 2017 · The Untold Story Of Women In China ..

Mary B. (Laguna Woods, CA)

Russian history & current events
I liked the story of young Catherine the Great within the story of Tanya, a Russian Jewish immigrant to the US. The details of the current Russian oligarchs & their wild lifestyles was very interesting. I would have like to have Catherine fleshed out a bit more. The story skimmed over her early years in Russia. Tanya's life as the auction house's Russian Art expert was fascinating.

Two women's lives collide when a priceless Russian artifact comes to light.

Tanya Kagan, a rising specialist in Russian art at a top New York auction house, is trying to entice Russia's wealthy oligarchs to bid on the biggest sale of her career, The Order of Saint Catherine, while making sense of the sudden and unexplained departure of her husband.

As questions arise over the provenance of the Order and auction fever kicks in, Reyn takes us into the world of Catherine the Great, the infamous 18th-century empress who may have owned the priceless artifact, and who it turns out faced many of the same issues Tanya wrestles with in her own life.

Suspenseful and beautifully written, asks whether we view female ambition any differently today than we did in the past. Can a contemporary marriage withstand an "Imperial Wife"?

and the author of Celestial Women: Imperial Wives and ..

Although there were specialist cloth shops, all women were expected to be involved in cloth production: spinning, weaving and sewing. Slave and free women who worked for a living were concentrated in domestic and service positions - as perhaps midwives, child-nurses, barmaids, seamstresses, or saleswomen. We do, however, have a few examples of women in higher-status positions such as that of a doctor, and one woman painter is known.

Imperial Woman: The Story of the Last Empress of China …

Sophocles in his tragedy Antigone teaches about “morally desirable attitudes and behavior,” (4) and uses a woman as heroine and another woman in a supporting role to do most of the instructing of the audience in this regard....

women of the imperial household had only been portrayed on coins ..

Six Records of a Floating Life bu Shen Fu portrays women in quite a different light that women of imperial China are generally perceived with; the author's wife is creative, intelligent, spirited and active....

The History of Chinese Imperial Food

Collecting evidence about Roman women's lives involves ranging over completely different kinds of information, and sifting each piece carefully, with due attention to the purpose of each source and the bias or ignorance of its author. A love poet, for example, wants to express his feelings about a real or imagined beloved, not to give you a rounded portrait of a real woman - while a son mourning his mother's death will mention only her virtues.