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  • This is the Archimedean Point for Socratic philosophy.
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Socrates substantially refounded philosophy, and the is still, all by itself, about the best introduction to Western philosophy that there is.

"...the god is wise..." The key to Socratic philosophy.

Socrates could guilty about this without really guilty.

Query: importance of Socratic wisdom.Query: the importance of Socratic ignorance to philosophy.
While the court doesn't seem to do very well, the trial of Socrates is ironically a great tribute to Athens, just because Socrates was allowed to make his defense, his friends were allowed to witness it, and the record of it, produced by people like Plato and Xenophon, became celebrated documents of Greek philosophy, and of the history of Athens.

This may tell us something important about Socrates' personality.

Socrates is accused of not believing in the "the gods in whom the city believes" but in   , .
Like his accusers, presents a Socrates talking the kind of "nonsense" that must sound vaguely "philosophical" but which has nothing to do with Socrates' interests, activities, or even personality.


The unexamined life is not worth living | New Philosopher

Since Socrates' accusers see him as a sort of generic philosopher, all of this is attributed to him.
Here there is suggested another Socratic method -- i.e. not the method of question-and-answer as such -- but the method of Socratic ethics: Know thyself in order to know the excellence that is proper to man, and therefore what the good for man is, and therefore how man should live his life.

As a philosopher, Socrates is more in the school of the Spartans at Thermopylae, fighting to the death.
Now, if the jury finds him not guilty, but on the condition, with Anytus' statement in mind, that he "spend no more time on this investigation and do not practice philosophy," Socrates says he will simply ignore the verdict.

an unexamined life is not worth living "Socrates" ..

If Socrates "..abandoned my post.." either in battle, disobeying the generals, or in philosophy, disobeying the god, "That would have been a dreadful thing." Such disobedience would have made him guilty of "not believing that there are gods, disobeying the oracle, fearing death, and thinking I was wise when I was not." A nice combination of military and religious duties with Socrates' own philosophical principles and convictions.

Why does Socrates think that the unexamined life is not worth living

On the other hand, Socrates has quite convincingly shown that Meletus has simply attributed to Socrates what he thinks "all philosophers" believe, as Socrates said about his reputation in the first part of the .

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"...you do not believe in the gods and all." And a reminder that Meletus sees Socrates as as much an atheist as he thinks of all the other philosophers and Sophists.

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There may not have been a mass market for Greek philosophy even in Greece; for, after all, Anaxagoras was driven out of Athens with the same kinds of charges leveled against Socrates (though this was mainly as an indirect political attack on Anaxagoras' friend, the statesman Pericles).


In all fairness, he can hardly be expected to be thus familiar, or to accept them.

But a much cleverer Meletus could have answered Socrates' argument.