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An all-encompassing look at different types of antibiotics and the high-priority issue of antibiotic resistance

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2018 ICD-10-CM Codes T36-T50: Poisoning by, adverse effect of and underdosing …
Data on oral antibiotic prescriptions dispensed during 2010 in the United States were extracted from the IMS Health Xponent database, which represents a 100% projection of prescription activity on the basis of a sample of more than 70% of U.S. prescriptions. Antibiotics were categorized according to the IMS Health Uniform System of Classification. The numbers of prescriptions and census denominators were used to calculate prescribing rates. Prescriptions were totaled for 17 provider specialty groups on the basis of the self-designated specialty of the prescriber (as defined by the American Medical Association) associated with each prescription. The Xponent database provided the number of prescribers in each specialty for the calculation of the number of prescriptions per provider.

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Over time, can become resistant to certain . This is an example of natural selection. In a large population of bacteria, there may be some that are not affected by the antibiotic. These survive and reproduce, creating more bacteria that are not affected by the antibiotic.


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Our analyses were subject to limitations. We were unable to directly assess the appropriateness of prescribing because our data did not capture patient visits and diagnoses. We were also unable to determine how many unique patients received a prescription. Finally, prescribing data may not accurately represent actual antibiotic consumption, since patient adherence to treatment regimens varies.