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Psychoanalysis remains the single most influential theory for the practice ofpsychotherapy.

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She theorized that these early issues made
Actually, in this perspective, maybepsychoanalysis is not such a great idea afterall. On the issue of sexual inadequacies in the theory, Plaut even admits that Freud'stheory is less applicable to women than to men.

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Despite all of the flaws in psychoanalysis, I agree with Plaut in his closingstatements concerning the relevance of this theory of personality.
Other physical theories have gone beyond the neural and placed thenatural locus of consciousness at a far more fundamental level, inparticular at the micro-physical level of quantum phenomena. Accordingto such theories, the nature and basis of consciousness can not beadequately understood within the framework of classical physics butmust be sought within the alternative picture of physical realityprovided by quantum mechanics. The proponents of the quantumconsciousness approach regard the radically alternative and oftencounterintuitive nature of quantum physics as just what is needed toovercome the supposed explanatory obstacles that confront more standardattempts to bridge the psycho-physical gap.


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The author thensuccinctly details the additions and developments of other top psychologists withinthe Freudian framework.
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When discussing newdevelopments made within the field, however, Plaut fails to present fully thecontribution of the other psychologists.
When compared to other theories inpersonality, all other factors equal, psychoanalysis is among the least practicalmethods of achieving a cure. Many argue that because Freud's theory has been around for so long, and is sowidely accepted, that it must be at least mostly true.

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Psychoanalysis is a great idea inpersonality, just as long as one is a male, who grew up in a two parent house, whohad either a sister or female playmate at a very young age, with a great memory, andwho has lots of money and no specific time frame in which one would like one'spsychological problems cured.

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Freud'sauxiliary Electra hypothesis seems little more than an attempt to cover up an obviousflaw in the overall psychoanalytic theory. Another major problem with Freud's psychoanalysis is that it fails to take intoaccount the large number of people who do not grow up in the atmosphere Freud assertsis necessary for healthy psychological development.

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Popkins The paper "Psychoanalysis: From Theory to Practice, Past to Present," discussesFreud's most famous (or infamous) contribution to psychology, psychoanalysis.

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I particularlyappreciated the five areas into which the original theory of psychoanalysis wasbroken down: dynamic, economic, developmental, structural, and adaptive.

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Plaut needs to bring it all together by explaining that castration anxietyin the young male leads to identification with the father and so the fear becomesinternalized by the boy, enabling a moral voice to develop in the form of thesuperego. When addressing the critiques to psychoanalytic theory, Plaut discusses the factthat Grünbaum was able to refute it at great length and detail, and yet Plautdoes not go into any of these claims very thoroughly.