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SKIAPOD (Greek, "shadow-foot"; plural skiapodes): Also called monopods, these one-legged humanoids appears in ancient Greco-Roman writings such as Pliny's Natural History, Aristophanes The Birds, Ctesias's India, and Philostratus' Life of Apollonius of Tynna. In medieval writings, Saint Augustine writes:

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With the exception of suspender clips that can be rather more prominent than those on more modern garter belts, the smooth outline of a girdle is easily hidden beneath a man's trousers. Indeed, such foundation wear may actually make your husband's rear look more attractive, controlling any unwanted flabbiness in order to present a pert posterior to the world at large. That, after all, was the reason why women used to wear girdles despite the discomfort, and thus there's no reason why you shouldn't take advantage of their physical as well as psychological effects on your husband. You needn't worry that other women will find his shapely rear equally appealing - even if they do, there's no way your husband will want to admit to them that his behind is the way it is because his wife makes him wear a girdle. If the results are to your liking, you might even want to have your husband wear one as a dieting aid to encourage him to develop buttocks that are naturally well-toned without the need for such support.


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If you don't see yourself as a dominatrix, please don't let the idea of bondage corsets put you off from trying a more modest variety - whether for yourself or for your husband. Just as the availability of raunchy peephole bras and crotchless panties in sex shops need not impinge on the everyday underwear of the average woman, coexisting happily with pretty feminine and practical plain options, so too do corsets come in a wide range of styles to suit all needs. While there are stern punishment corsets in studded black leather available for those who desire such things, there are also soft pink satin and white lace ones too, intended to bring out the wearer's feminine charms to their full potential, but just as good for making a man softer and gentler too.

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Although it's possible for a man to lace up his corset single-handedly, it can be difficult for him to achieve the desired tightness by himself, especially in the case of a waist training corset where some effort is required to close the final inch. While your husband can reasonably be expected to don most other lingerie by himself, putting him in a corset really benefits from a little assistance on your part, not least because that gives you the final say as to just how tight he is laced. You can have him do his best before presenting himself for the finishing touches, or simply take control from the beginning, having him stand motionless while you put the corset around him and inexorably cinch his waist in. Either way, lacing him up provides ample opportunity to give your husband a good talking to - letting him know what you expect of him, either in terms of what he should have done differently to avoid his corset punishment or simply what you're planning on having him do next. Moreover, you'll find the effort involved in cinching him tightly to be a great way of working off any frustration you may feel towards your husband, quite apart from how the resulting waistline will affect him directly.

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Many later poets and critics disdained Skeltonic verse. James VI, for instance, declared it fit only for satirical poems, and the Romantic poets considered it ungraceful.

(Augustine, City of God, 16.8.662)

Compared to a basque, the more imposing structure of a corset can be harder to hide under clothing. The ease with which one may be hidden depends very much on its design, with shorter, lighter corsetry being more practical for wearing in public. While a modest waist cincher may be worn out and about in the same way that a girdle or a basque might, longer and more severe corsets require much greater care to avoid discovery, and are best reserved for around the house. Such garments form an ideal basis for more feminine outfits that benefit from the narrower waist and more pronounced bust and hips that a corset brings, as well as the sense of submission they engender in their wearer. For instance, when used as the foundation of a maid's uniform, a corset not only helps a man to look the part, it also encourages him to act it too, shaping his behaviour and attitude as much as it does his body.

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Once your husband's corset is as tight as you desire, you can knot the cord behind his back to make it difficult for him to loosen his stays, let alone remove them, without seeking your assistance. Whether you're making him wear a corset as a punishment or simply for lingerie discipline, you can then sit back and relax while your husband's corset does the work of correcting his attitude and behaviour. Of course, that doesn't mean that his feminization need stop there. An interesting punishment is to expect your husband to dress himself in other feminine attire after you've put him in a corset. Even putting on stockings can prove quite an ordeal for a man trapped in such a restrictive embrace, let alone donning strappy heels when it's impossible to bend over to fasten them. To really drive the message home, make your husband wear a heavily padded bra too - the combination of tightly corseted waist and infeasibly large bust will not only be disagreeably uncomfortable, it will also make things more awkward for him, getting in the way of even the simplest of tasks. Add stiletto heels but not a lot else, and you have the ultimate punishment outfit - one that leaves your husband vulnerable, restricted and chastised.