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"The Influence of Social Norms on College Student Alcohol and Marijuana Use." Journal of College Counseling 11.1 (2008): 19-31.


How Today's Student Loan Debt Is Failing Future Generations

Jan 08, 2014 · The Ignorance Of Today's College Students Shouldn't Surprise Us ..
Today’s college age generation is infatuated with technological stimulation. Ipods, the Internet, video games, movies, and cell phones create a collective disregard for learning and thinking independently.. A strong statement, indeed, but step inside a lecture hall and what you see may shock you. The students that actually decide to show up prefer to sleep, do crossword puzzles, chat, and text message their friends on their cell phones, rather than engage in the material being presented by the professor who is left wondering if the students are really dim, just don’t care, or both.

Why Today's College Student Should Have a Smartphone

"Turning 21 and the Associated Changes in Drinking and Driving After Drinking Among College Students." Journal of American College Health 59.1 (2010): 21-27.


Generation On A Tightrope Portrait Of Todays College Student

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In partnership with the Hispanic Center of Excellence in the College of Medicine, LARES holds a summer academic enrichment program for incoming first-year pre-medicine students. The Latino Health Science Enrichment Program helps students with chemistry, math and English skills, offers pre-health career workshops and provides information on college transition and campus resources.

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LARES helps students, particularly first-generation college students, navigate
the admission process through workshops on topics like financial aid.

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Armed with the sample bracelets, we set out to find someone who would donate money to make bracelets for distribution to college students. It had not yet occurred to us that adults would want to wear the things, as they weren't very attractive. Several approaches to Ross Perot were rebuffed, to include a proposal that he loan us $10,000 at 10% interest. We even visited Howard Hughes' senior aides in Las Vegas. They were sympathetic but not willing to help fund our project. Finally in the late summer of 1970, Gloria Coppin's husband donated enough brass and copper to make 1,200 bracelets. The Santa Monica engraver agreed to make them and we could pay him from any proceeds we might realize.

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Lyndon B. Johnson once remarked that, “the classroom-not the trench-is the frontier of freedom now and forevermore”. And now, more than ever, the future of American freedom rests on the shoulders of our college aged young men and women. Although many current students now view college as four years of unbridled joy seeking, filled with alcohol consumption severely lacking in the pursuit of knowledge, it is critically important that this college-aged generation acquires the necessary skills to navigate America safely into the future.

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NHASFAA also represents Associate member organizations whose business and community relations provide services and support in efforts to provide financial assistance to post-secondary students in New Hampshire.NHASFAA provides membership with the following benefits and opportunities:Our VisionDeveloping New Hampshire financial aid professionals to promote student access and success in post-secondary education.Our MissionThe New Hampshire Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators engages, educates, and empowers New Hampshire's financial aid professionals to encourage student access to, and completion of, post-secondary education.Our Commitment to DiversityIn support of our mission, NHASFAA promotes diversity and inclusion regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, disability, appearance, geographic location, professional level or institution type.

Proud Supporter of New Hampshire’s “I Am College Bound / I Applied” initiative.

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This month, the program earned national recognition for improving Latino student success in college. Excelencia in Education, a national nonprofit whose mission is to accelerate Latino student success in higher education, named LARES as its 2014 Example of Excelencia award, the nation’s top program for increasing achievement for Latino students in the undergraduate category.