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The feminist demand for separate legal status for women is therefore one that is equally espoused by Islamic traditions.

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Generally in Islam, women's beauty and sexual attributes are not for public display.
Also the beliefs and practices of Muslims should not be judged according to the beliefs and the laws of other religions since some lawful practices of one religion can be portrayed by other religion as unlawful or even wrong.

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The Palestinian wedding celebration is a three-day affair of hospitality, a virtue of Islam. The generosity of food and gift were displayed throughout the festivities. Most brides have a henna party, a pre-wedding event for women only, where they gather to dance, eat, and have henna designs applied to their hands. This celebration features several cultural traditions, from the foods that were prepared by women of the community to traditional dances. At a Friday night pre-wedding party in April, 2009, at a country club hall, many women wore thobes while the younger women were mostly dressed in American-style clothing. Most wore headscarves, but not all. Many women sat and visited with each other while others danced to pre-recorded Middle-Eastern disco. As the dancing continued, a few belly dancing belts were passed around and accepted. These gold belts adorned with coins were placed over the woman's dress and she proceeded to dance. At this private celebration of women, some women felt free to demonstrate their skills in this folkloric Middle Eastern dance. Belly dancing is a talent gifted to only some, but all appreciate watching the dancers and all move to the music. Called raqs sharqi (the improvisational solo dances best known by Westerners) or raqs baladi (an improvised social dance at gatherings), this dance has many regional forms with distinctive dance moves.


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Muslims believe that Allah sent Prophets to all mankind as messengers for their guidance. Muslims believe in their existence, their names, and their messages, as Allah and His Prophet informed about them. Prophets are void of divinity because divinity is exclusive only to Allah (God) the Almighty. They are all righteous, truthful, and pious men chosen by Allah to be models to all mankind, both their words and deeds being in accordance with the divine commandments.

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According to Islam, Ramadan is a way of showing devotion to god. Ramadan is the time when Muslims devote their soul to god by praying. According to Islam Ramadan is the only way when a human in this busy life can remember god despite of the daily busy schedules. The Ramadan days begin with the prayers and end with the prayers. Muslims also visit mosque during the Ramadan month for their prayers.

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Wedding customs throughout the Islamic world are fascinating. To present this diversity in wedding habits, we are presenting this series on some Muslim communities and their customs.

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Just beyond the geographic boundaries of New Orleans, in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana's most diverse parish, is a suburban area with a large concentration of Muslim immigrant residents. This community is served by the mosque Masjid Abu-Bakr Al-Siddiq, which sits at the corner of Power Drive and Esplanade Avenue in Metairie. It is the only one in the New Orleans area built specifically as a mosque. The building possesses a geodesic dome and single minaret, yet the crescent moon which is an internationally-recognized symbol of the faith of Islam is notably absent within the architecture. As one pulls into the mosque's driveway, the gate topped by the ubiquitous fleur-de-lis is notable. Omar Suleiman, the Imam (spiritual leader), explains that the gates were added for protection after the mosque was vandalized several times following the September 11th attacks. This symbol and statement lay the framework for learning about this new group of area residents and how they continue the traditions of their native countries while living in the New Orleans area.

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This mosque serves as both the spiritual and cultural center for approximately 300 families from a variety of countries. The membership makes it the largest mosque in Louisiana. Most mosques, in areas with large Muslim communities, are built around a Muslim community from a particular place of origin. Because Louisiana's Muslim communities are relatively small, each mosque serves worshippers who come from a variety of places. In addition to describing the community demographics, the Imam explains that there is a "communication catastrophe between the older generation and the younger generation" regarding the community's struggle to reconcile the old traditions and cultures with the elements of American lifestyle adopted by younger members.

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For example, he explains that it isn't uncommon for some men to arrive at the mosque wearing New Orleans Saints jerseys. For the women who arrive wearing American-style clothing, coverings are provided. According to the Imam, it is primarily women who serve as the cultural bearers by organizing events and teaching folk traditions to the children.