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The Victorian era is important to look at to see the cultural context Oscar Wilde was living in.

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Queen Victoria and the Princess Royal Victoria were not as close as Victoria was to several of the younger children, with the princess closer to her father. Albert won his way in marrying the princess to Frederick William, son of the prince and princess of Prussia. The young prince proposed when the princess Victoria was only fourteen. The queen urged delay in marriage to be sure that the princess was truly in love, and when she assured herself and parents that she was, the two were formally engaged.

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Of all the characteristics attributed to defining Victorian male masculinity, the one least emphasized or spoken about was that of the Victorian man as a father. The questions of if and when to marry, the importance of the Victorian man's work and his moral qualities were topics of daily scrutinization. Yet little attention was directed to the role the Victorian man played as a father till the end of the period. Previously, child rearing was considered within the private realm away from public observation and interference. Fatherhood held an ambiguous position in the culture and practice of Victorian family life and thus the crux of the problem.1 If the public and private spheres were defined by gender, then child-rearing fell under the domain of his wife; however, as domesticity revolved around the roles of both parents, parenting was defined as the Victorian man's commitment to his home and the family unit. With both of these views in existence, the actual role of the Victorian man in the Victorian family unit was unclear.


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Victoria had traditional views on the role of the wife and mother, and though she was Queen and Albert was Prince Consort, he shared government responsibilities at least equally. They fought often, sometimes with Victoria shouting angrily.

Prostitution in Victorian England was a part of everyday life for people from every class, ethnicity, and gender.. Prostitution became a major concern and a focal point for social reformers in the 19 th century. Concerns were seen everywhere including the literature of people like Charles Dickens.
This unspeakable act threatened the stability of Victorian society (Brady 46) so much so that a homosexual identity did not exist in this era (Brady 17).

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Her influence on British and world affairs, even if often mostly as a figurehead, led to the naming of the era for her, Victorian Era. She saw the largest extent of the British empire, and also the tensions within that. Her relationship with her son, keeping him from any shared power, probably weakened the royal rule in future generations, and the failure of her daughter and son-in-law in Germany to have time to actualize their liberal ideas probably shifted the balance of European history.

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A series of deaths of relatives of Victoria kept her in mourning much of the year through the 1850s. Then in 1861, the king of Prussia died, making Vicky and her husband Frederick crown princess and prince. In March, Victoria's mother died and Victoria collapsed, having during her marriage reconciled with her mother. Several more deaths in the family followed in the summer and fall, and then a scandal with the prince of Wales. In the middle of negotiating for his marriage with Alexandra of Denmark, it was revealed that he was having an affair with an actress.

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In 1858, the princess Victoria was married at St. James's to the Prussian prince. Victoria and her daughter, known as Vicky, exchanged many letters as Victoria attempted to influence her daughter and son-in-law.

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The marriage of her daughters into other royal families, and the likelihood that her children bore a mutant gene for , both affected the following generations of European history.