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What follows is a summary of nonverbal behaviors and their meanings in Vietnamese culture.

Nutrition and Fasting in Vietnamese Culture — EthnoMed

Vietnamese Cultural Profile — EthnoMed

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Exercise is not a priority
Mental Health
Contributing factors:
Vietnamese cultural norms discourage individuals from showing or discussing emotions/stress so as to not show signs of weakness.

Non-verbal Communication in Vietnamese Culture

Explore Vietnam and Vietnamese culture with recommended books and movies on this fascinating country.
The three main Vietnamese religious groups in Louisiana are Catholic, Buddhist, and a few Baptists. Their religion is something that unites their communities and plays a role in keeping their culture alive. Thay Dao Quang illustrates this point when he says explicitly that his hope for the Tam Bao Temple in Baton Rouge is that it brings the community together. Joseph Doan elaborates on the importance of community when he says:


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Movies showing families in Vietnam, traveling in Vietnam and Vietnamese culture in Vietnam and the United States.
Trust and respect are very important in Vietnamese culture. In Vietnam the people live in groups as a family. "The doors are open," as Joseph Doan describes of the communal life in his home country. People share what they have and help out even when they cannot afford it. American culture focuses on the individual, while Vietnamese culture focuses on the community; many of the people interviewed described this difference as being one of the things that was the hardest to adjust to in the United States.

Vietnamese culture may be still mysterious and unknown to most people outside the country
Individuals also work to keep their culture alive through the use of public and private religious observances, specifically, public and private altars. This tradition is prevalent in both the Vietnamese Catholic and Buddhist practices. Both religions traditionally have a main altar in their worship center. They also have traditions of maintaining home altars. The Vietnamese, both Catholic and Buddhist, have two kinds of home altars: one is dedicated to general worship and the other is specifically dedicated to their ancestors.

Vietnamese food; Food Culture; Food Culture

Culturally Competent Nursing Practice
Breast Cancer
Heart Disease
Language barrier
Body Language
Eye contact
Body movement and proximity
Biological Variation

Flexible, non-specific
Social Organization
Community centered focus in family and society
Elders respected
Environmental Control
Alternative medicine
No emphasis on primary care
Breast Cancer
Heart Disease
Mental Health
Breast cancer
heart disease
Mental health
Health literacy
Take a preventive approach:
Raise awareness and provide education
Improve cancer-screening rates
Improve access to health insurance and care for Vietnamese residents
Examine and discuss lifestyle choices and habits
Ensure patient understands what heart disease is
Develop new ways of defining stigmatized health issues
Provide support groups
Assess health literacy using comprehension forms
Provide pamphlets in the patient's native language
Provides a voice to the patient
Allows for optimal understanding and comprehension
Cultural care preservation and/or maintenance
Ask the client if they are using other methods of healing
Respect ages and gender

Cultural care accomodation and/or negotiation
Understand and comprehend the problem that is occurring
Recommend treatment from a cultural perspective.

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Plascencia, Evan Heslop, Abby Gray, and Melissa Hager

Highest incidence
Second leading cause of cancer death in Vietnamese women

Second leading cause of death among Vietnamese-American population
Attributed to high sodium diet, lack of exercise, alcohol consumption, and smoking

Studies on mental illness among the Vietnamese populations have documented number of psychiatric disorders
Older Asian-American women have the highest suicide rate of all women over age 65 in the U.S.

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Thay Dao Quang, the Buddhist monk at Tam Bao Temple, believes that the use of home ancestor altars stem from the tradition of Confucianism. Confucianism was widespread in China until 1912; because of Vietnam's proximity to China they share a lot of similar traditions. One common Confucian practice is ancestor worship, which can still be seen in the culture today.