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How are the states doing? Experts on welfare reform met recently at the Urban Institute to discuss their perspectives.

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YouGov President, Peter Kellner, discusses the public's views on welfare reform
Elaine Ryan, Director of Government Affairs , American Public Welfare Association "Someone once said when welfare reform passed that if states do it right, the poor will become the working poor." Ryan talks about as they develop welfare-to-work programs.

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Susan Golonka, Program Director for Welfare Reform at the , addresses critical questions:
Welfare reform is generally described as a government's attempt to change the social welfare policy of the country. A main goal of these reforms is to reduce the number of individuals or families dependent on government assistance and to assist the recipients in their efforts to become self-sufficient. There is a common consensus that the initial welfare programs created in response to the economic conditions faced by the country during the Great Depression are actually counterproductive to the goals of welfare help. Many feel these outdated welfare programs not only propagate indigence but also fosters dependency on the government for financial assistance and services. Because welfare in the United States will never fully meet every need of every low income or underprivileged individual or family, reforms to the existing welfare programs are necessary.


Jul 03, 2002 · Liberal Lessons from Welfare Reform

In 1996 The Welfare Reform Act was enacted and it changed the entire program for the better.
John Sidor, Director, Council of State Community Development Agencies "I do think welfare reform may have a dramatic impact and affect on housing and community development policy and practice." Sidor

Opinion 8/30/2017 @ 2:37PM 1,967 views The Truth About Welfare Reform.
As governments down the years have discovered, welfare is a political minefield. Most people think they pay more into the government’s welfare pot through taxes than they draw out in benefits. They find the system horrendously complex but have the strong, if vague, feeling that the insurance principle was abandoned long ago. They still applaud the idea that we should pay in when we can afford to do so, and draw out when we need it; but they fear that this is no longer what happens.

News and reviews in child welfare by Dee Wilson

"The dramatic decline in caseloads began in 1994 but has accelerated since the passage of welfare reform in August 1996. Eight states have seen 40 percent declines or more in their caseloads."

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Sheri Steisel, Senior Director of the Human Services Committee, National Conference of State Legislatures "What's remarkable to me is the amount of fiduciary responsibility that legislatures feel towards welfare reform, and how they are seeking information as soon as possible in order to make mid- course corrections." Steisel talks about striving to make welfare reform work.

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That is the backdrop to the current contest on welfare between government and opposition. The politics are extremely tricky. And YouGov’s latest research contains lessons for both main parties.

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Conservatives believe in the importance of socialorder. This is reflected in a respect for tradition, an emphasis onthe importance of religion, and a stress on the importance ofinequality - such as inequalities of class or caste - as the basisfor structured social relationships. Welfare is a secondary issue,but the kinds of concerns which conservatives have are likely toimpose restraints on welfare, with a particular emphasis ontraditional values in work, the family, and nationhood. Welfare doesraise concern where it is seen to have implications for public order- one British conservative commented, in commending the Beveridgereport, that "if you do not give the people social reform they aregoing to give you revolution."

Trump and Welfare Reform: No More Free Lunch

Susan Golonka, Program Director for Welfare Reform, National Governors' Association "The rapid caseload decline is forcing states to look more quickly at dealing with individuals who are hard to place, with multiple barriers to employment, individuals for whom it's obviously much harder to move into the workforce." Golonka discusses some of the states are adopting.