• Video games teach many skills to the developing child.
  • Video games and aggression in children.
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Until the recent resurgence in interest in video games in the past decade, research on the topic was minimal.

Videogames, television, violence and aggression in teenagers.

Do Video Games Influence Violent Behavior

Also with each new generation of video games, people are spending more time and money on them.
Violent media could reinforce and increase aggressive behavior, but it may be the anger that led the adolescent to like violent media. The major limitation of Kooijmans' argument is the lack of demonstrated causality between violent content in video games and aggressive or hostile behavior.

Children and Video Games: Playing with Violence

With the resurgence of interest in violent video games in the past decade, this has changed.
The question would be: how could the game be termed violent when its players exclaimed that it was an awesome and fun game? Koojimans probably only meant to label those games violent to create a relation between video game violence and aggression.


Video Games and Children: Playing with Violence

He successfully used video games as a form of psychotherapy in children.
This can include all types of video games such as those played on arcade machines (like the series), home consoles (like Sony's ), hand-held consoles (like Nintendo's ) and personal computers (like the series). The video game industry has grown by leaps and bounds since it's inception in the 1970s.

This raises a new question: what exactly is the definition of violence in video games?
Kooijmans's "Effects of Video Games on Aggressive Thoughts and Behaviors During Development" provides valuable insight regarding the correlation between video game violence and aggressive behavior.

Do violent video games contribute to youth violence?

Continually playing games in which the only positive outcome is the violent demise of enemies could positively reinforce antisocial behavior and perhaps even cause such a physiological difference over time.

The Debate on Video Games and Violence – Ashley's …

It is possible that such behavior is related to violent video game usage. The general aggression model claims that violent video games desensitize people to aggression.

Violent video games and young people - Harvard Health

As Kooijmans said, longitudinal studies on effects of violence on aggressive behavior have not concluded, and as long that is true, there is no way to determine whether violent content in video games leads to increased aggressive behavior. Kooijmans mentioned that exposure to violent media reinforces and increases aggressive tendencies that already exist in an adolescent.

Violent video games and young people

Once again, perception could be a topic for future research. I noted one obvious flaw in the explanation for how a violent video game could have a negative effect on gamers.

Do violent video games lead to criminal behavior? - CBS News

So, are the causes of these behaviors biological or learned? Individuals high in hostility are more likely to become aggressive when exposured to violent video games, whereas individuals low in hostility are less likely to become aggressive when exposed (Gentile, Lynch, Linder, & Walsh, 2004).