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More than one million Jewish children were killed in the Holocaust, as were approximately two million Jewish women and three million Jewish men

We should study the Holocaust because it teaches us about prejudice.

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We Remember the Holocaust chronicles the Holocaust in the voices of those who survived it
On January 27 may we remember all victims of the Third Reich, including the senseless persecution, suffering, anguish and death of children. And why is it that similar acts of human destruction have been repeated so often since 1945? Children died during genocidal killings in Cambodia, Rwanda, and Darfur (Sudan), and during past and present violent military attacks in Bosnia, Kosovo, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen and in a variety of other places.

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Tom Sinclair - From Budapest through hell and back
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This child was one of millions whose lives were disrupted as a result of the Holocaust and Nazi persecution. If you have any information about this person, please click the “I remember this child!” button below and share with us what you know.

How can we remember people who died during the Holocaust?
As a United front, we must have a louder, stronger voice of love and tolerance rather than hate and supremacy. We need to not only remember the Holocaust but make sure we speak out against hatred. As privileged Americans, we happen to let a little hate slide now and then. Then these hate groups take our silence for acceptance. Therefore, these groups grow larger and larger.

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Years later, I went to Amsterdam with my husband. We saw the house Anne Frank grew up in. After reading book after book about the Holocaust while growing up, seeing Anne Frank’s house, was one of the most surreal events I have ever experienced.

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“I realized that they were prisoners and not workers, so I called out, ‘You are free, come out.’” Vasily Gromadsky, a Russian officer remembered the day when the Red Army liberated the Nazis’ large death camp of Auschwitz. This occurred 73 years ago, on January 27, 1945.

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My parents watched the operetta held in a Unitarian church. As my parents watched the operetta about the Holocaust, the lady next to them commented about the Nazis she saw coming through the entrance of the church. “Oh, they’re Nazis, but we must be open-minded,” the lady stated.

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This month marks the 67th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz- Birkenau concentration camp in Poland, and 27th January has been designated the ‘Holocaust Memorial Day’ to remember those who died at the hands of Nazism. Thousands of...