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Another powerful cry for "inclusion" is being heard today.

The delusion of sameness leads away from the values of Inclusion.

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The Americans with Disabilities Act represents an attempt to hear the

The delusion that Inclusion equals happiness leads to its opposite: a pseudo-community in which people who are disagreeable or suffering have no place unless the group has the magic to cure them.

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Inclusion is recognizing that we are "one" even though we are not the "same".
The real challenge of Inclusion is to find common cause for important work that cannot be done effectively if we isolate ourselves from one another along the many differences of race, culture, nationality, gender, class, ability, and personality that truly do divide us.


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The "one big happy family" (OBHF) delusion is the exact opposite of Inclusion.
But people can choose to work for inclusive schools and communities, and schools and agencies and associations can carefully build up norms and customs that communicate the expectation that people will work hard to recognize, honor, and find common cause for action in their differences.

Delusion 3
Inclusion is the same as friendship or "We are really all the same"

Friendship grows mysteriously between people as a mutual gift.

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The "one big happy family" (OBHF) delusion destroys the possibilities for Inclusion in a complex community by seducing people into burying differences by denying their significance or even their existence.

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The reward of Inclusion comes in the harvest of creative action and new understanding that follows the hard work of finding common ground and tilling it by confronting and finding creative ways through real differences.

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Delusion 2
Inclusion means everyone must always be happy and satisfied or "Inclusion cures all ills." A group of good people came together to study inclusive community in an intensive course.

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They are synonyms - but we have chosen "delusion" because it is stronger.]

Delusion 1
Inclusion means that everybody must love everybody else or "We must all be one big, happy family!" (OBHF) This delusion is at work when people who care about Inclusion feel shocked and offended to discover that other Inclusion advocates don't really like one another.

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When we replace these false and destructive beliefs with simpler expectations of decency and working constructively in common, we will all be better able to live out the real meaning of Inclusion by honoring and growing from our shared struggle with our diverse gifts, differences, and weaknesses.