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These efforts further legitimized school-based volunteerism which has been steadily increasing.

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After high-school, I started volunteering with a variety of organizations....
Corbett also pointed to the headaches that overseeing mandatory community service would cause for college administrators: providing enough service opportunities; making sure that students put in the required number of hours, trying to exercise control over the numerous off-campus organizations, ranging from churches to activist non-profits, for which many students currently volunteer.

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She was looking for volunteers to assist at the Children’s Rehab Center.
— The potential for interfering with particular colleges’ religious and moral visions is vast. Should a Catholic college be obliged to give community-service credit to a student who volunteers for Planned Parenthood? Conversely, how would the politically liberal professors and deans at secular colleges feel about their students’ working for an organization opposed to same-sex marriage? Allowing college adminstrators or federal regulators to draw up lists of which volunteer activities are acceptable and which are not would create serious constitutional and other legal problems.


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The Eagle Scout Project and the Webelos Experience I volunteered for are both through Boy Scouts.
I discovered a great joy from helping patients; providing them with someone to talk to, and lighting a smile on their faces. Breaking the monotony of their lives was infinitely more important than the two or three hours taken out of my homework time. Without the mandatory CAS program, I would not have realized the rewards of volunteering.

Once I was settled in at my new job I began my hunt for a place to volunteer.
When faced with the CAS (creative/action/service) program at the beginning of Grade 11, many students start with the same thoughts: fifty hours? Impossible! They begin to scramble around, scooping up whatever volunteer positions they can find, complaining along the way. Are these mandatory service hours necessary? Are they forcing high school students to do too much extracurricular work?

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The spirit of volunteering is to give up your time freely to help others. It seems completely contradictory to force students into something that is meant to be given out of the goodness of their hearts.

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However, mandatory volunteering is actually a wonderful part of high school that all students benefit from, no matter how much they may complain. It teaches them to take the initiative to find a volunteer position and then to manage their schedules to fit in time each week. It develops dedication to a task, as well as responsibility. It coaches a friendly attitude and better interactions with others.

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Mandatory volunteering also helps fill in the spaces where volunteering is needed. Without mandatory programs, places such as the Odyssium, hospitals, local festivals, and charity events would all be much emptier. Our society needs these volunteers, and if awarding school credit ensures that a demand is met, it is a worthy sacrifice.

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I first began to volunteer at the beginning of my Grade 10 year. I thought volunteering earlier than required was a way to fill up the CAS hours for the International Baccalaureate program. At the University of Alberta Hospital library, I spent four hours a week helping patients, delivering magazines, and organizing books. After less than four months I was done the fifty required hours that were supposed to be completed in two years, yet I continued to volunteer. Even after I decided not to attain my IB diploma, rendering my CAS hours useless, I still continued to volunteer.

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By giving students that little extra push to volunteer, mandatory volunteering creates a world of good. It provides students with needed life skills, fills the void in volunteering programs, and allows students to discover the joys of volunteering that most would not realize.