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It solves the blank screen problem that confronted early computer users
The top-down approach also allows for the development ofemergent features. An emergent feature is a global property of aset that is not evident when one views each item locally. Sinceglobal processing tends to be automatic, one can argue that anemerged feature reduces the attention demand as a user operates amulti-element display. For this performance enhancement, one mustuse the Gestalt Principle in the initial placement, and theresulting organization must be compatible with the user'scognitive view of the task .

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These early users sat down in front of a computer and faced a blank screen, with only a prompt
Direct manipulation interfaces present the interface to the user in the form of visual models (i.e. icons or objects). For this reason, direct manipulation interfaces are sometimes called as iconic interface. In this type of interface, the user issues commands by performing actions on the visual representations of the objects, e.g. pull an icon representing a file into an icon representing a trash box, for deleting the file. Important advantages of iconic interfaces include the fact that the icons can be recognized by the users very easily, and that icons are language-independent. However, direct manipulation interfaces can be considered slow for experienced users. Also, it is difficult to give complex commands using a direct manipulation interface. For example, if one has to drag an icon representing the file to a trash box icon for deleting a file, then in order to delete all the files in the directory one has to perform this operation individually for all files – which could be very easily done by issuing a command like delete *.*.


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A command language-based interface – as the name itself suggests, is based on designing a command language which the user can use to issue the commands. The user is expected to frame the appropriate commands in the language and type them in appropriately whenever required. A simple command language-based interface might simply assign unique names to the different commands. However, a more sophisticated command language-based interface may allow users to compose complex commands by using a set of primitive commands. Such a facility to compose commands dramatically reduces the number of command names one would have to remember. Thus, a command language-based interface can be made concise requiring minimal typing by the user. Command language-based interfaces allow fast interaction with the computer and simplify the input of complex commands.

The user is expected to frame the appropriate commands in the language and type them in appropriately whenever required. A simple command langua . Types of user interfaces in Interface. Email. Share. Favorite. RePublish article. Tweet. User interfaces can be classified into the following three categories: • Command language based …
Apple introduced the Macintosh as a computer "for rest ofus." The GUI was a major part of the overall goal of theMacintosh. All graphical applications copied the Macintosh in itsdesign and usage. The Macintosh introduced the first menu, icons,and point-and-click, mouse driven processing. With these menusand icons, the Macintosh was the first computer system thatlimited the users to contextual correct answers. For example,once the user made a selection via a menu, the menu limited theuser's subsequent actions. The user could no longer choosesomething meaningless. The Macintosh's GUI has all three majorcomponents of a GUI, which are the windowing system, an imagingmodel, and an API.

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For example, the early Macintosh Apple used the Trash Can iconas a metaphor for deleting files. However, one can pull items outof a trash can until the trash person comes. The first trash canicon did not allow this retrieval. This contextual incongruitycaused users many problems. As another example, the Windows'95GUI is the most modern of all GUI. One would expect it to befairly well developed and relatively error free. However, of theapproximately 90 complaints with the Windows'95, none areperformance complaints. They are all human factors typecomplaints, such as how to copy a file and how to get rid ofannoying icons . Finally, people have somany complaints about the X-Windowing System, the third major GUIstandard, that there is whole book about what is wrong with it .

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There are a variety of university-level computer-humaninteraction (CHI) programs. Although a few offer breath anddiversity, many students graduate from universities that offeronly one or two CHI courses. As such, most students have alimited background in the various CHI areas. This article offersa general overview in one area, graphical user interfaces (GUI). A GUI allows a computer user to move from application toapplication [26]. A good GUI makes an application easy,practical, and efficient to use, and the marketplace success oftoday's software programs depends on good GUI design. Considerthe Macintosh and the IBM-PC. Computer users view Apple'sMacintosh computers as having the best GUI. Correspondingly,their positive view of the Macintosh system is almost double thatof the Windows users Correspondingly, brand loyalty among Macintosh users is almost 20%higher than that for Windows users .

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In computer science terms, the GUI is a visual operatingdisplay that the monitor presents on the monitor to the computeroperator . More specifically, a GUI is aspecification for the look and feel of the computer system . GUI usually have common characteristic suchas windows, icons, menus, and push-buttons (WIMP). Collectively,WIMP are pictures that bring forth a certain action or an actionspace. The user issues commands via the GUI to computerapplications. GUI usually have three major components. Thesethree components are : a windowing system,an imaging model, and an application program interface (API). Thewindowing system builds the windows, menus, and dialog boxes thatappear on the screen. The imaging model defines the fonts andgraphics that appear on the screen. WIMP are products of both thewindowing system and imaging model. Finally, the API is the meansin which the user specifies how and what windows and graphicsappear on the screen.