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This closes the list of the principal arguments against the translation of the Bible—not merely into English, but into any vernacular tongue. The main objection was, evidently, that translations of the Bible would lead to Bible-reading by the laity in general, which could be of no use to them unaccompanied by the exposition of the clergy, and might lead them into false interpretations and dangerous errors. The clergy were divinely appointed to teach, and an unlicensed lay reading of the Bible was certain, sooner or later, to lead to lay exposition of the Bible, which involved an attack on the clerical function and the idea of Christendom as an organic body. The canon law, Butler said, forbade laymen to dispute about the scriptures, and implicitly forbade the reading of them; 'our enthroned pontiffs' forbade this also, and they had no right to do otherwise. There was here, according to him, no idea of demanding an innovation in custom: the ancient custom ought to be maintained: it was the Lollards who were innovators, in seeking to open the scriptures indiscriminately to all men. The limitations on Bible reading imposed by the constitutions of Oxford of 1408 shew the triumph of these views over those opposed to them by the Lollards, and those who, without being Lollards, had been educated at Oxford under Wycliffe's influence.

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Government Officials - Should They Be Respected
Before it was published, I had actually thought of altering the title to this piece to read “6 Reasons Why Everyone Except Priests Should Have Children”, but I didn’t for two reasons:

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Why Are Schools Banning the Bible in the Classroom?

Let us first look at the title of the book--

Popery, The Enemy and the Falsifier of Scripture.
Facts and Evidences,
Illustrative of the Conduct of the Modern
Church of Rome,
in prohibiting the reading and circulation of the
holy scriptures in the vulgar [this means "common"] tongue;
and also of the

"Ye have taken away the key of knowledge."--Luke XI.52.

Why Are Schools Banning the Bible in the ..

We’ve all recently read about several government officials using personal email accounts or email servers to conduct government business. But they are not alone by any means – a recent survey of 412 high-level government employees conducted by Atlantic Media’s Government Executive Meeting Group revealed that approximately one-third of the employees surveyed said they sometimes used their private email account for government business. Additionally, thirty-one percent said that the personal emails used for government business are not preserved for archiving, and forty-seven percent said that they do not know whether or not the records are properly preserved. While many still think of email as an informal, ephemeral means of communication, government emails are classified as public information under Texas Government Code, §552.002, and should be treated as seriously as any other record.

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Closely connected with this argument, that it is not the function of the laity to read the Bible, is the broader one of the mysteriousness of scripture, and the insufficiency of the human mind to deal with it. Sometimes this is connected with the old argument as to the relative value of the four meanings of holy scripture, and whether a translation would convey other than the literal meaning. The discussion over the relative value of the four meanings arose much earlier than the controversy over biblical translations, and survived it: it was really a separate question, and was debated within the Franciscan order itself with great vigour. 13 But it is often difficult to distinguish between passages deploring the reading of the mysteries of scripture by simple people, and those claiming that the simple will gain only the literal meaning by reading a translation of the Bible. Butler says: